Ageing without Children – it’s an inequalities issue

Read any report on inequalities on ageing and you’ll see many of the same things: the adverse impact of being isolated with poor support networks, loneliness, having poor health and a low income. Certain groups will be highlighted as being particularly at risk, carers for example, people from the LGBT communities, people with disabilities. However,…


Press Release – 6 February 2019

Ageing Well Without Children launches new website and guide ‘It’s a constant battle to get any help for my mum even though she’s in her 80s and has dementia. I feel like I’m always having to shout really loudly to get anywhere. I wonder, who will be shouting for me? Or will I be the…


An AWOC take on “Care”

Last night BBC 1 showed “Care” which told the story of Jenny a single mother and her sister Claire struggling to care for her widowed mother Mary after she has a sudden stroke which leaves her unable to communicate properly and with vascular dementia. This blog gives an AWOC take on what unfolds (spoilers ahead).…

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