Having friends and on-line friendships with people who are ageing without children means that we can totally be ourselves and always say what we feel without having to monitor ourselves constantly.

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People ageing without children report that they can feel marginalised, disconnected and excluded from their local community and wider society. They are unable to share the experience of being a parent or grandparent and they have to deal with thoughtless or tactless comments about not being parents. Often they feel unable to talk about their own circumstances because it is too painful or because they are part of a community that may already face social stigma and isolation. This means that people ageing without children do not always feel comfortable in mainstream groups for older people or even if they do attend, may not feel comfortable opening up about their lives and issues.  Connecting with other people in a similar situation or with similar experiences can help reduce this feeling of isolation.  AWwoC groups give people ageing without children the opportunity to form friendships, connections and their own communities as well as to raise awareness of the issues that affect them locally and nationally 

The purpose of this Resource Pack is to help organisations run local groups for people ageing without children. We recommend that organisations planning to use this pack ensure that staff and volunteers have first attended one or both of our training courses: ‘Introduction to Ageing Without Children’ and ‘Understanding Ageing Without Children: Developing Solutions’

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Guide to Running groups for people ageing without children

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If you are an individual and want to set up your own local group for people ageing without children, please get in touch with us at

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